Panic Button: The April Wilkens Case explicit


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This is a podcast about a true crime story unlike any other--only there’s no whodunnit, and there’s no whydunnit. We know exactly who killed Terry Carlton on April 28th, 1998. And we know exactly why. Because she told us--April Wilkens told anyone who would listen that she defended her own life that night. And yet--even in the face of overwhelming evidence and testimony--the jury sentenced her to life in prison. Attorneys Leslie Briggs and Colleen McCarty deep dive into the facts of the case, and the phenomenon of criminalized survivors in Oklahoma prisons. This season on Panic Button: Can money buy you a murder conviction? Could April have been an intelligent woman who also made extremely complicated choices that put her life in danger? Could April have been a traumatized abuse victim and mental patient and still have been smart enough to plot a premeditated murder?

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