7MS #360: Active Directory Security 101 - Part 2


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In today's program we continue a series on fundamental Active Directory security that we started back in episode 327. I took all the things I talked about in that episode, as well as the new additions discussed today:

  • Finding your most vulnerable AD abuse paths with BloodHound. For a two-part pentest tale showing how BloodHound can be used/abused by attackers, check out episodes 353 and 354.

  • Get a deep-dive look at your AD machines, users, shares, OS versions and more with Network Detective.

  • How to de-escalate local admins (and prevent them from over-using/abusing the use of their privileged account)

  • Although I haven't tested it yet, Logging Made Easy looks like an awesome and free way to get some entry-level logging setup in your environment. Can't wait for a good lab day to play!

Here are ALL the AD Security 101 tips in a delicious [gist].

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