80s Underground: 09.10.19


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LOVE & ROCKETS "Ball of Confusion" from Express 1986 PLAY DEAD "Isabel" from From The Promise Land 1985 CORPS DIPLOMATIQUE "Soldier" from This Can't Be Heaven EP FOR AGAINST "Shine" from Echelons 1987 ULTRAVOX "Reap the Wild Wind" from Hymn 1982 XYMOX "Evelyn" from Twist Of Shadows 1989 GENE LOVES JEZEBEL "Heartache" from Discover 1986 PINK INDUSTRY "Don't Let Go" from Low Technology 1983 LITTLE HEROES "Whose Turn to Cry" from Watch the World 1983 COMSAT ANGELS "After the Rain" from Fiction 1982 RED ROCKERS "Just Like You" from Schizophrenic Circus 1984 THE ALARM "Strength" from Strength 1985 LIONS & GHOSTS "Wild Garden" from Wild Garden 1989 DREAMS SO REAL "Rough Night In Jericho" from Rough Night In Jericho 1988 ARMS AKIMBO "Dominique" from Arms Akimbo 1984 GUADALCANAL DIARY "Litany (Life Goes On)" from 2X4 1987 HOODOO GURUS "What's My Scene?" from Blow Your Cool 1987 GREEN "Curry Your Favor" from Green 1986 RAIN PARADE "You Are My Friend" from Explosions in the Glass Palace 1984 R.E.M. "Carnival of Sorts (Boxcars)" from Chronic Town - EP 1982 RANK AND FILE "Sundown" from Sundown 1982 JASON & THE SCORCHERS "Absolutely Sweet Marie" from Fervor 1983 THE GOLDEN PALOMINOS "Work Was New" from Blast Of Silence 1986 SONIC YOUTH "Candle" from Daydream Nation 1988 DAS DAMEN "Noon Daylight" from Mousetrap 1989 JANE'S ADDICTION "Had a Dad" from Nothing's Shocking 1988

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