Best 80s podcasts we could find (Updated December 2018)
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The 80s Are Back -- With a Vengeance
Nerd In Me
Discussion on cartoons, toys, comic books and movies. Join Allan and Jonathan to relive your childhood memories. Also listen in to The Week in Geek where once a week we bring you the latest in Geek news and board game reviews with Ellen! Become a supporter of this podcast:
Hosted by Cameron VanDerHorst (Cam) and Bradley Brownell (Tub) the C&T podcast is a weekly automotive discussion between friends. Occasionally a guest will drop in and say hello.Cameron is an avid car collector with tastes ranging from a Nissan Stanza (Tony Stanza) and SN95 Mustang Cobra to a mid-80s Porsche 911 and a Mazda 2. Cam works for a German parts distributor in Ohio, and is making a go of freelance auto writing.Bradley is a Porsche fanatic of the first degree, a wanna-be automotive ...
The Motor Affair
The Motor Affair, is about of the love affair we have for cars. A place we share our passion behind the wheel, behind the lens, or on the microphone with like minded car enthusiasts. The Motor Affair team is Jason Connor and Patrick Stevenson. Jason's passion of cars started from a very young age and his films and writings can been seen on, the Hooniverse YouTube channel as well as various Internet Brands sites. Patrick Stevenson, an automotive journalist and artist, who can b ...
Screenwriters John August and Craig Mazin discuss screenwriting and related topics in the film and television industry, everything from getting stuff written to the vagaries of copyright and work-for-hire law.
Cold Coffee
Tova Leigh and Kristen Hewitt are two friends living an ocean apart with two common bonds: motherhood and wine. They are blunt, real, and sometimes their husbands call them bossy. But they also love to have fun and their mission is to make you smile and feel inspired, (or just a little bit better about the fact that you haven't slept in years.) Each week they discuss the ups and downs of parenting, relationships, trending topics, dirty diapers, ice cream, and everything in between.
Drive Talk
A podcast about music, video games, technology, news and life.
Attitude Heroes
To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the decriminalisation of homosexuality in England and Wales, Attitude magazine interviews 12 of its all-time heroes for a landmark series of podcasts. Attitude Heroes is sponsored by the GREAT Britain campaign, which welcomes the world to visit, do business, invest and study in the UK. And Jaguar. For more product information please visit Don’t forget to subscribe, rate and review the show!
The Internet Today
Every single day, Brendon Bigley takes you on an auditory adventure and finds the absolute best stuff on the internet so you don't have to.
Beginning in 1979, the Reagan decade is counted down with each years pop hits, underground club classics, and obscure gems. Youll start with the genres block party roots in the South Bronx with Grandmaster Flash and work your way through its mainstream acceptance with Run D.M.C. and LL Cool J. Get ready for the boombox breakdance era of early rap in New York City. Its the History of Hip-Hop: The 80s. After a tour of the 80s, the crew digs into the genre as it becomes a pop culture phenomenom ...
Ian Hislop and Private Eye magazine venture into the world of audio with a brand new podcast. Available from Private Eye at or on iTunes, Spotify, Acast and Soundcloud.
This is the main feed where you can find all of WatchMojo’s great podcasts. Individual shows are also available as separate feeds.
A Podcast that shares the pure love for Movies from the 70's, 80's and beyond.
Every week on Nerd Rage! The Great Debates, your moderator, Marc Abrigo, challenges the funniest stand-up comics, podcasters, and even pro-wrestlers to take sides and square off to settle some of geekdom’s hottest (and often times, weirdest) debates: how many muscle cars does Vin Diesel need to beat Captain America? Is Steven Universe a better frontman than Super Mario? And just what the hell will a lightsaber accomplish in the world of the Matrix? All will be settled -- are you ready to rage?
The Hub - ABC RN
Formerly Books and Arts, The Hub is RN’s new dedicated home for arts and culture. Each week day we’ll zoom in on a specific area of art and culture, brought to you by a specialist presenter. Search The Hub for the individual podcasts.
This is the entertainment program on our Changkhui podcast station. A place where we talk freely on things that make us up all days and nights such as movies, TV series, music, books, magazines and novels. Our hosts are Gan and Ood, they spend a lot of time discussing the topics that we think they deserve a program of their own. For those who do not know, Mai-Hlap-Mai-Non is a phrase, meaning "sleepless"; HLAP is pronounced as Lup, as in cup.
NEW EPISODES COMING SOON: What used to be "Nerd Machines' Picking Favorites' " Kentucky and Razzle decided to come back and start meeting to talk about their favorites and not favorites of the week... with a name change to avoid confusion..
The Story Behind
The Story Behind tells the extraordinary history of the ordinary. Everyday objects are more closely examined, from their ancient beginnings through the present—all within 5-10 minutes.
Logan and 1Silva Review and discuss Great Movies from the past and present. Spoiler-filled, so please watch the movie before listening! Follow Logan: @Logan_Movies Follow 1Silva: @robertsilva5678
The Ten Tenths Podcast is hosted by Michael Beck, Adam Nielsen and Robbie Vierhout. This podcast is intended to be a public forum where these three petrolheads with vastly differing automotive preference discuss their racing experiences, shame each other for poor automotive choices and generally have fun while talking about cars.
A History of the Internet Era from Netscape to the iPad
Rock Solid
Rock 'n' roll all night ... and party once a week! Hosted by Pat Francis, Rock Solid is the comedy/music podcast that brings you music “both new and classic," plus lots of laughs and musical guests. Joining the fun are Producer Kyle Dodson and Pat’s hilarious rotating Co-Hosts: April Richardson, Mike Siegel, Christy Stratton and Murray Valeriano.
Tom and Warren
Thursday Breakfast
Planet Maynard
Maynard, Online Goose
Cartoon Retrocast
Discussion of retro cartoons from the 80's and 90's
Trigger Warning - Explicit Complaining - They're jokes people! We love all of you! 'Not For Everyone' is a podcast featuring two cynical man-children that primarily explore the deep cuts of schlock horror/sci-fi/fantasy films made in the 70s, 80s, and 90s as well as their flawed friendship. These fellas also spend the first 30 - 40 minutes of each episode just BSing about random adjacent topics such comics, heavy metal, bigfoot, death row meals and half-assed paranormal investigation adventu ...
33Shake exists to deliver maximum value to endurance athletes. In this podcast company co-founders Warren & Erica share the best in endurance nutrition, training and mindset wisdom so you can unlock your best performing self on race day. If you're a runner, cyclist or triathlete - of any level - looking to raise their game, this is for you
When Wagon Wheels Were Bigger is a weekly podcast that watches kids' TV from the eighties and casts a more cynical eye on the shows we used to love. Sometimes funny, usually disappointing, join your hosts Mark and Martyn and ruin a small part of your childhood week by week.
These short top tips and skills for the Amazon Echo are for everyone who’s simply dotty about Alexa.
DiC Geeks
Between 1971 and 2008, DiC Entertainment was a staple of Saturday Morning Cartoon blocks, producing over 100 TV childrens series. Now two dorks must sample them all; Join Mark & Avery as they voyage endlessly back in time to watch every single show that DiC released!
Dj Roland
Not Just a Movie
If you're like us, you can't stand it when people say, ''it's JUST a movie!'' At NJAM, we love in-depth (but fun!) discussions of cinema and TV that aim to give the art form the respect it deserves.
NPR's top stories about business, money, Wall Street, companies and the economy that you can't miss. Subscribe to the Business Story of the Day RSS feed.
Totes Faves
Join us in the ultimate battle over what is the best in the worlds of pop culture, food, politics, animals, etc one topic at a time. Hosted by Brandon Werner, Deepu Murty and Zara Findlay-Shirras.
It's not news, it's nonsense.Utterly Nonsense is a pop culture & entertainment podcast created and managed by Jon Cags and CJ De Leo. If you like our content, you can follow here and subscribe on YouTube. Also be sure to check out Utterly Nonsense on our various social media platforms.
Tavern Chat
"I listen to the Tavern Chat podcast every morning, sometimes I think its NPR, till the F bomb drops then I remember I am in geek heaven instead!" Enjoy a daily chat with your Old School Gaming Bartender :) Become a supporter of this podcast:
Skill, character and confidence for artists. Bel canto & speech-level singing techniques. Visit for information on voice lessons, mentorship and music boutique. Inspirational podcast by Jennylyn.
Movie Geeks United! is one of the most popular movie-themed podcasts with a worldwide listening audience of close to 6 million. Includes film reviews, news, topic discussion, in-depth original series, and more than 1000 original interviews with some of the brightest talents in the industry, including Jennifer Lawrence, Robert Duvall, Francis Ford Coppola, James Cameron, David Cronenberg, Brian De Palma, and more. Home of the internationally acclaimed The Kubrick Series.
Were the "good old days" really so good? Was parenting easier back in the day or is that just an illusion? What about being a kid? Was it better then...or now? That's what I'm on a mission to find out in my new podcast, Parenting Then and Now. I've raised kids in four different decades: 80's, 90's, 00's and the 10s and boy, have things changed. Join me on this long strange trip, won't you?
Remember when you were kid, and you ate, drank and slept D&D in the '80s? Well maybe you have been doing that all these years or simply found your way back into the fold of gaming! Join us each episode as we sit around and chat about various D&D games, our experiences and open your eyes to new things in the OSR (Old School Roleplaying)! Want to know about the latest product out from Swords and Wizardry? Labyrinth Lord? Mazes & Perils? or maybe you want to know about something someone wrote, ...
The writers and editors of Rolling Stone take you inside the biggest stories in music. Featuring interviews with our favorite artists; what's playing in the office; expert insight on the week's biggest music news; and much more.
NH News
We've Seen That!
Movies podcast from the 80's, 90's and more.
A Doctor Who podcast focusing on the writers of the series in terms of their work. Erik from The Doctor Who Book Club Podcast and Kyle from are your humble hosts.
All things Real Madrid discussed - HERE. Match previews, recaps, news, tactical discussions, transfer news and everything else. We put out consistent content related to the perpetual Real Madrid discussion.
Three rude boys ruin pop culture through dumb questions. Ever wanted to know the answer to what would make better hands than scissor hands for Edward Scissorhands? Of course not! But we’ll tell you. Somehow this podcast is a world-wide phenomenon, feel free to subscribe and join in. New episode every Monday!
Directors Notes
Directors Notes is an interview podcast dedicated to independent filmmaking in all its wondrous forms, lengths and styles. The show digs deep into the what, how and why of the world's best filmmaking in the only way that counts - by hearing directly from those talented individuals who have successfully taken their ideas from concept to screen.
The STRONG Life Podcast with Zach Even - Esh is ALL about how to Live a STRONG Life, be it in the gym, your business / career and anywhere else you take yourself. In layman's terms, this show is a how to kick a** and take names podcast. Each episode covers topics such as strength & conditioning, getting jacked, success as an entrepreneur, success in your career and conquering ALL obstacles in life that dare to stand in your way. If you want to live life on YOUR terms while crushing your trai ...
The writers and editors of Rolling Stone take you inside the biggest stories in music. Featuring interviews with our favorite artists; what's playing in the office; expert insight on the week's biggest music news; and much more.
University of Washington Professor of Atmospheric Sciences and renowned Seattle weather prognosticator/personality Cliff Mass has joined KNKX’s roster of commentators. "Weather with Cliff Mass", our five-minute feature hosted by KNKX's environment reporter Bellamy Pailthorp, airs every Friday at 9 a.m. following "BirdNote", and repeats twice on Friday afternoons during All Things Considered.
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We have a chat about Nottingham Forest’s "inbetween" years*: after the European Cups, and up to the relegation in 1993. To help us along on the journey we have Gary Naylor and Forest fan and Guardian journalist, Nick Miller. *yes, we've made that period title up
Weihnachten wird vorgezogen! Da sind ja so hübsche Synthopop-Päckchen, die uns großartige Künstler unter den verfrühten Christbaum gelegt haben - Neuroticfish kommt am 14.12.2018 mit Antidoron daher, Endanger, Radioaktivists oder State Of The Union versorgen uns mit ganz neuem Material, Cyto statten dem Mitternachtsreigen einen ersten Besuch ab ...…
As always, there is so much to talk about in the world of things that once existed that shall exist again, and a few things that once existed that shall only exist in our memories going forward. Jump on in and listen to it all, unless you hate fun, of course.
Grant Quasha, CIO of GFG Alliance USA, on global steel markets, on why his company is betting on U.S. steel. Richard Conn, Managing Partner of Eurasia Advisors, on Trump and Putin, what to expect from the Butina plea deal, and the impact to U.S.-Russia relations. vCaleb Melby, Financial Investigations Reporter for Bloomberg, on the growing conf ...…
This week's episode of "Prime Time with Sean Mooney" totally reeks with awesomeness, as we welcome the co-host of the Edge and Christian show, Christian! Christian talks about growing up in a small town in Canada, and the similar roads both he and Edge traveled into the world of professional wrestling. Plus, Christian recounts working indy show ...…
Остатки-сладки. Любителям Italo Disco третий микс из хитов и cover-версий уходящего года в стиле 80-х !!!
Jim Anderson, CEO of Socialflow, on the key takeaways from Google CEO Pichai's testimony before Congress. Neal Dingmann and Welles Fitzpatrick, Managing Directors at SunTrust Robinson Humphrey covering the E&P sector, discuss energy stocks and valuations. Michael Smart, Managing Director at Rock Creek Global Advisors and former International Tr ...…
John and Craig examine why and how writers need to make bad things happen to their characters, and the ways in which hero suffering differs between features and television. We also answer listener questions about WGA jurisdiction, becoming a signatory, timing a script for television, and why all scripts aren’t available online. Links: Tickets a ...…
Graham Finlay joins Sean to discuss what is postmodernism.
Surveyor Myrddyn Phillips joins Sean to discuss when a hill officially becomes a Mountain.
This month, we have aspects of Italian life looking at the authentic and simple pleasures with Birra MorettiThis week, Dr Antonio Cascelli gave us a lesson on culture
This month, we have aspects of Italian life looking at the authentic and simple pleasures with Birra MorettiThis week Veruska Anconitano gave Italian travel tips
This month, we have aspects of Italian life looking at the authentic and simple pleasures with Birra MorettiThis week,Claudio Muscati gave us a lesson on Italian food
Слегка обновлены, совсем чуть-чуть,Восьмидесятые найдут свой путь!!!И всё-таки микс вышел - как ни крути, ''My Top 80-s!!!'' - счастливого пути!!!
This week’s theme NEEDING comprises songs that focus on the need for love or needing someone. The list includes Dolly Parton , Sarah Vaughn and Anne Murray presenting gentle ballads and Johnny Cougar revving it up looking for a lover. In contrast, the Mark Holden‘s song ‘ Never Gonna Fall In Love Again’ suggests he doesn’t need a new love after ...…
Tom Kennedy, Head of Fixed Income Strategy, J.P. Morgan Private Bank, discusses how widening credit spreads are impacting the leveraged loan market. Therese Raphael, Bloomberg Opinion columnist, and John Authers, Senior Editor for Bloomberg Markets, on Theresa May canceling the Brexit vote, and impact to markets. Ron Quaranta, Chairman and Chie ...…
FULL DISCLOSURE is back with a break down of the highly anticipated boxing sequel Creed II. Under the tutelage of Rocky Balboa, heavyweight contender Adonis Creed faces off against Viktor Drago, son of Ivan Drago. Featuring: Craig McFarland, Scott McFarland & Brandon Davis IMDB Page: _______________________ ...…
Simon Tierney joined Sean on the show to discuss stuff that changed the world, today it is the ready meal.
Declan and Barbara join Sean to help with listeners dilemmas including a woman is is bored with her husband.
A star-studded cast of Harry Enfield, John Sessions, Jan Ravens and Lewis MacLeod join editor Ian Hislop for a live show at the National Theatre looking back at the year's news. Free plug for the Private Eye Annual with every download!
POUR YOUR MISERY DOWN. AH, it feels so good to be talking about Garbage’s 1995 hit, “Only Happy When It Rains,” Popettes. In this NINETY-FOURTH episode of Popular Music: The Podcast, Steven will recount the insanely serendipitous way that Garbage came to be a band, how they created the distinct, cacophonous sound of this song, and Analise will ...…
This week on Revenge of the 80s Radio, Frankie Previte of Frankie & the Knockouts talks with Chris about the new F&TN 3 CD set, The Complete Collection, from which some proceeds will be donated to Pancreatic Cancer Action. Frankie also tells us about the formation of the Knockouts, having live gigs without a complete band, his later work and th ...…
Its finally here! The first teaser trailer of the Avengers Endgame. What has happened to our heroes from the events of the Infinity War? So many questions! So many surprises! Listen in as the Nerd In Me Crew try and sift through this teaser ...…
Meghan O'Sullivan, professor of international affairs at Harvard’s Kennedy School, a senior fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations, and a Bloomberg Opinion columnist, discusses why oil prices have plenty of room to fall. Tom Gimbel, CEO of global staffing company LaSalle Network, on how the job sector is as strong as it's ever been. Noah Sm ...…
Powerful melodic drum&bass influenced by electro and trance sounding along with leading dancefloor smashers. Sometimes with easy shades of 80s. Scroll down and visit Episode Web Page for tracklist and etc. Contact details: ...…
EPISODE 17 - THE CHRISTMAS CHRONICLES Welcome to the newest episode of Guilty Pleasures! Here we discuss the movies you love even though you probably shouldn't. We asked you to take to Social Media to vote on our next episode and you, the fans have spoken! The winner of the poll is indeed Mr. Kurt Russell as Santa Clause in The Christmas Chroni ...…
Podcast 89 – Beats International 80’s Retro-Tastic DJ Mix by the most awesome DJ in the World, Super DJ Stu Calvert!!!
The 1980s may not have been quite as bleak as 1984 predicted, but the Reagan era did see plenty of doom and gloom in entertainment, from Mad Max and Blade Runner to The Terminator and RoboCop. In When We Were Young’s latest episodes, Reel Gents podcast host Travis Dukelow joins us to dissect a cornucopia of dystopias unleashed in the 80s. In Pa ...…
Jason Schenker, President of Prestige Economics and Chairman of The Futurist Institute, discusses the cancelled OPEC meeting in Vienna. Woo Jin Ho, Technology analyst for Bloomberg Intelligence, and Mike McKee, International Economics & Policy Correspondent for Bloomberg, discuss the arrest of Huawei's CFO, and how that may impact trade negotia ...…
James Dempsey joins Sean to chat about what is good or not good on the television including She Ra and The Princess Of Power, Sorry For Your Loss.
Henry McKean looks at the lasting love affair with an old sitcom after Netflix pays $100m just for a year.
Hazel Davis sent us in this wonderful Christmas story about a poignant family Christmas dinnerThe Moncrieff Team dramatised it
Avengers Spotlight #21 (1989) Hawkeye somehow ends up in the desert with Orb, the less-attractive Harvey Dent. They're being stalked by Plantman for ruining his bio-dome which surely had Pauly Shore in it made completely of celery. Hawkeye has to fill his quiver full of water which should effectively ruin his arrows but kayfabe I guess. Later, ...…
As we unfurled our Muppet Month, American Treasure Caroll Spinney (the Voice of Big Bird and Oscar the Grouch) announced his retirement from Sesame Street. Therefore, we called an audible and watched Follow that Bird, a heartwarming classic of anti-white supremacy, dealing with depression, and road trips. Co-Starring John Candy and Waylon Jenni ...…
Valerie Loftus of Stellar Magazine joins Alan and Sarah to talk about the most successful girl group of all time and inventors of feminism, the Spice Girls. We talk about which Spice Girls Valerie and Sarah saw themselves as, Geri's betrayal, the solo careers, and the reunion. Valerie's book Thanks Penneys, with illustrations by Ciara Kenny is ...…
Daredevil canceled! What does this mean for the future of Marvel's Netflix shows? Marvel drops a new trailer for Captain Marvel! Can Avengers 4 be far behind? Plus plenty of quick hits and Ellen is back with her board game reviews! YouTube: NerdInM ...…
Ach, tatsächlich, schon so lange her? Ist No More's "Suicide Commando" wirklich schon 1981 herausgekommen? Und es war ehrlich im Jahre 1983, als wir das erste Mal "Proximity Switch (Accidents In Paradise)" von den Informatics hörten? Waren Depeche Mode wahrhaftig im November 1985 im Studio, um "Black Celebration" aufzunehmen? Ernsthaft? Dabei f ...…
On this episode of “Prime Time with Sean Mooney,” we welcome the legendary Dr. Tom Prichard! Tom talks about growing up as 1 of 5 brothers, performing as a kid, and getting into wrestling as a teen in Texas. He also discusses working for different promoters and territories all across the country - Paul Boesch in Houston, Bill Watts in Louisiana ...…
Tom Halverson, CEO of CoBank, discusses the agricultural economy, as trade tariffs take their toll. Clive Crook, Bloomberg Opinion editor, on the EU ruling that the U.K. should be allowed to reverse Brexit, and former BOE Governor Mervyn King blasting May's plan. Marianna Goldenberg, Founder of CURO Wealth Management, on how clients are rushing ...…
The 1980s may not have been quite as bleak as 1984 predicted, but the Reagan era did see plenty of doom and gloom in entertainment, from Mad Max and Blade Runner to The Terminator and RoboCop. In When We Were Young’s latest episodes, Reel Gents podcast host Travis Dukelow joins us to dissect a cornucopia of dystopias unleashed in the 80s. In Pa ...…
Sean was joined by William Hazelgrove Author of Wright Brothers, Wrong Story, How Wibur Wright solved the Problem of Manned Flight.
John is joined by Phil Hay and Matt Manfredi (The Invitation, Ride Along, the upcoming Destroyer) to talk about the second draft, offering some practical tips for the first big rewrite. We also answer listener questions about getting scripts to actors, how to label characters with job titles, and the cooler way to describe a montage. We’re also ...…
Graham Finlay joins Sean to discuss why babies know how to suckle as soon as they are born ?
Jonathan DeBurca Butler joins Sean to discuss new stories from around the world including Pakistan/India lay a foundation stone for peace.
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