TRIBUTE TO 1981 (Part 2)


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SIMPLE MINDS "Love Song" from Sons and Fascination SPANDAU BALLET "The Freeze" from Singles Collection JAPAN "Ghosts" from Tin Drum THE HUMAN LEAGUE "Open Your Heart" from Dare GARY NUMAN "Crash" from Dance KRAFTWERK "It's More Fun To Compute" from Computer World CRASH COURSE IN SCIENCE "Cardboard Lamb" from Signals From Pier Thirteen - EP O.M.D. "Georgia" from Architecture & Morality POLYROCK "Love Song" from Changing Hearts DEVO "Through Being Cool" from New Traditionalists SOFT CELL "Bedsitter" from Non-Stop Erotic Cabaret ICEHOUSE "We Can Get Together" from Icehouse SLOW CHILDREN "President I Am" from Slow Children LENE LOVICH "New Toy" from New Toy EP SCARS "All About You" from Author! Author! TV21 "Something's Wrong" from A Thin Red Line THE STRANGLERS "Two Sunspots" from (The Gospel According To) The Meninblack TELEX "Exercise Is Good For You" from Sex! HUMANS "Get You Tonight" from Happy Hour THE VAPORS "Spiders" from Magnets THE JAM "Funeral Pyre" from Greatest Hits NINE NINE NINE "So Greedy" from Concrete THE GUN CLUB "She's Like Heroin to Me" from Fire of Love X "The Once Over Twice" from Wild Gift MISSION OF BURMA "This Is Not a Photograph" from Signals, Calls and Marches ADOLESCENTS "I Hate Children" from Adolescents BLACK FLAG "TV Party" from Damaged THE REPLACEMENTS "Shiftless When Idle" from Sorry Ma! Forgot to Take Out the Trash! AGENT ORANGE "Living in Darkness" from Living In Darkness

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