A Beginner Course of Spoken Russian / Курс разговорного русского языка для начинающих


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This course is certainly for beginner Russian learners. Of course, if you are an intermediate or advanced learner but feel that you need additional speaking practice you can check it out as well. First off, you have a recorded dialogue in the form of an mp3-file with transcript. It is a very simple and straightforward audio. These items consist of very useful phrases in Russian that you can hear on the street, in the shop, at the cinema, or at work etc. There is a transcript to every audio file. As you listen to these items you may notice that they are recorded in two voices and with a lot of emphasis in order to make you more alert to the language. Secondly, you have an additional mp3-file with a so-called "mini-story." Throughout the story we ask you questions about the story, pausing after each question. During the break you have to answer the question out loud (or you can simply listen and answer the question in your head). When I study English using this method my own preference is to answer the questions out loud, but feel free to make your own decisions about your studying routine. You can find additional mini-stories at http://nikolaytimoshenko.com/a-beginner-course-of-spoken-russian

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