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Ultimately it all comes down to friendship or perhaps simply love and respect. ​​​​​​​Love and respect is what binds Alicia Taylor and Steph Hogg together in their journey from school friends to co-founders of Gather&See, the online ethical fashion boutique founded in 2014.
Love and respect are the guiding principles that are used to select products for Gather and See, do we love the product in-terms of style and design and has it been made in a way that respects people’s well being, future development and the environment that we are all responsible for.
Since launching in 2014 the way in which people view ethical fashion has began to change for the better. Style isn’t compromised for ethics, and ethical can mean luxury.

From being the first retailer to bring overseas ethical brands to UK to now being one of a few retailers stocking those same brands, the question for Gather and See is how do they evolve without loosing their identity. Knowing who you are and where you’re going whilst working with brands and your best friend who you love and respect, sound like a winning combination!
Listen to our podcast with Alicia Taylor to find out how they make their business work and their exciting plans for 2018 including supporting emerging talent.


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