#17 BOZENA JANKOWSKA - sustainable finance pioneer creating an impact in fashion


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When Bozena Jankowska started her 16-year career in finance, sustainable investing was a relatively new concept. Starting as the one and only ethical analyst at Allianz Global Investors to years later leaving as Head of Environmental, Social and Governance to pursue building her own luxury fashion brand, Bozena had seen the sustainable finance industry completely transform, in part due to her hard work.

From investigating cases of cotton plants being pollinated in India by hand, by children in bonded labour, to creating 'The Ode to the Bee' collections in partnership with Buglife (using sustainably sourced REACH certified silk and wool from UK based manufacturers) you can see the link between people and the environment is very clear for Bozena.

A Positive Luxury 'Brand to Trust', Bozena Jankowska's designs are certainly influenced by her time in the City, as the garments are unique, luxury women's workwear. As Bozena did with sustainable finance industry she is paving the way forward for a new kind of fashion business, one that has sustainability woven into every part of it.

In this podcast we talk to Bozena about how her life-long commitment to bringing environmental and social issues to the forefront of conversation has created an award-winning luxury fashion brand.



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