Action's Antidotes


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This podcast is designed to inspire you to create your best possible life through sharing stories of others who already have done some amazing things. To create your best possible life requires putting yourself out there, taking risks and believing in yourself. It requires adapting the right mindset. Far too many of us are trapped in situations that are less than desirable because we hang on to limiting beliefs and poor assumptions. We all want different things and have different definitions of “success”. There is no one formula to get there. Whether our paths involve waking up at 4 A.M. or staying up past midnight, reading 100 books per year or getting all of our information from YouTube videos, the one common thing we all need, to get moving on what we really want, is the right mindset. In our day to day lives in the 2020s, many of us still frequently find ourselves in environments that encourage us to act out of fear, play it safe, not take risks and accept less than what we deserv

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