The A.CRE Networking Reboot Cruise


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One of our biggest goals here at A.CRE is building a community and engaging with our readers. Recently, you've likely seen our posts on the A.CRE Networking Reboot Cruise. This cruise we're putting together is another effort to bring that community together, give value back to our readers, and allow us to interact in person in a more substantive way. This cruise will take place in April 2022 and is to help all CRE students and professionals get back into networking in the post-covid world.

Concerning the content of the cruise, we'll be putting together self-improvement exercises, educational conferences, and general cruise activities. We're also going to talk a lot about how to elevate your personal brand. So if you're in a management role at this point, how do you pitch new strategies, or how do you pitch investments? If you're early in your career, how do you develop your own personal brand? Or if you're mid-career and you're looking to make a career change, how do you brand yourself in a way that positions you for success going forward? We'll bring on some professionals that will help us workshop these ideas.

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