S1 E7: Renewable co-ops -- “We pay for 90%; we only want to own 50%”


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Today, our topic is a specific business form: cooperatives. Community renewable groups do not have to be coops -- but coops are great for community projects. We speak with Dirk Vansintjaan, cofounder of Ecopower, a coop that is also the largest green power provider in Flanders. He also helped found REScoop, the EU-wide umbrella organization for renewable energy coops. Then, Andreas Wieg, who handles energy coops at the German umbrella group for coops DGRV, talks about why coops are so important. Skyline: https://skyline.wales/about Choice Experiment by Sagebiel et al. (2014: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/262880496_Are_consumers_willing_to_pay_more_for_electricity_from_co-operatives_Results_from_an_online_Choice_Experiment_in_Germany Tricolor: https://tricolor-web.com/

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