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Ever wondered what it’s like being an Air Traffic Controller? In this episode Ian Robinson (a.k.a. iRobbo on AFF), who has been an Air Traffic Controller for almost 30 years, talks to Matt about what the job involves, the training required and what it’s like dealing with a mid-air emergency from on the ground.

Also in this episode, Matt discusses Rex’s ambitious plan to compete head-on with Qantas and Virgin Australia and domestic capital city routes. And over 1,000 former Qantas 747 galley carts are now being delivered to homes across Australia.

Episode contents:

  • 0:50 – Fortnightly news round-up
  • 6:56 – Rex’s plan to launch capital city flights with Boeing 737s from March 2021
  • 13:59 – Save 5% at Woolworths & Dan Murphy’s & get $10 bonus credit with Cashrewards
  • 15:02 – Interview with Air Traffic Controller Ian Robinson
  • 41:57 – Qantas 747 bar carts sell out in minutes – creative ideas for using airline carts at home


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