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Reliable hospitals, schools and roads. Clean water and affordable energy. Flourishing economies. People working to shape their own futures. These are the cornerstones of all thriving societies. Without them, people remain locked in a cycle of poverty, clinging to inadequate services and dependent on short-lived aid. The Aga Khan Foundation is breaking the cycle. As a member of the Aga Khan Development Network, one of the world’s leading poverty solutions networks, the Aga Khan Foundation helps people build better futures. Working in partnership with community, business and government leaders, we make long-term investments in innovative programmes that improve quality of life, from bringing electricity to remote villages in Afghanistan, to training thousands of nurses across East Africa, to restoring the cultural treasures of the Silk Road. We invest in high-quality institutions such as clinics, banks and universities that anchor communities and equip people with the tools they need most, whether it’s access to health care, financial credit or quality education.

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