APG 338 – Passing Gas


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NEWS [34:55] Capital Airlines #JD5759 damaged while landing attempt at Macao [45:22] Corrosion, Metal Fatigue Cause Wide-Body Freighter Landing Gear Collapse [48:05] UPDATE: US-Bangla pilot was mentally stressed and reckless FEEDBACK [1:00:45] Bryan - Project Loon [1:06:19] James - Woman and her Cello Kicked Off AA Flight [1:12:50] Stuart - New App Allows Passengers to Report Uncomfortable Cabin Conditions [1:21:23] Shawn from Portland (not Maine) - The RAT [1:32:07] Chris - Autonomous Drones can Herd Birds Away from Airports [1:35:51] Plane Tale - The Cargo Gods [1:52:46] Jay - Opinion re: Flight Sharing [1:56:48] Sean - Does this qualify as FOD? [1:58:37] Thomas - Handling Emergencies: A Captain’s Training To Make the Go/No Go Call on Evacuation [2:13:20] Glen Towler - Pre-Oshkosh, and "Sunday Night in Wellington" [2:20:24] Mark and Steve Horne - Dash 8 Prop Wash Blows Baggage Dolly into United 737 at LAX [2:25:00] Ivor - Those Pesky Batteries VIDEO Audible.com Trial Membership Offer - Get your free audio book today! Give me your review in iTunes! I'm "airlinepilotguy" on Facebook, and "airlinepilotguy" on Twitter. feedback@airlinepilotguy.com airlinepilotguy.com ATC audio from http://LiveATC.net Intro/outro Music, Coffee Fund theme music by Geoff Smith thegeoffsmith.com Dr. Steph's intro music by Nevil Bounds Capt Nick's intro music by Kevin from Norway (aka Kevski) Copyright © AirlinePilotGuy 2018, All Rights Reserved Airline Pilot Guy Show by Jeff Nielsen is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License

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