Azadi March 27 October 2019, maulana fazl ur rehman JUIF and Regional Situation of South Asia


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This episode of Alerttv qaiserresearch is on hot burning issue of JUIF Moulana Fazal Ur Rehman Azadi March 27 October 2019. I had discussed the current scenario, socioeconomic position, geopolitical situation of not only pakistan but the situation of the South Asia Region it seems Regional Powers are loosing their temperament and engaged in different conflicts. I given my opinion about this event in the light of regional politics. I request all Pakistani and Pakistan Political Parties, Judiciary as well as law enforcing entities of Pakistan to step forward to resolve such issues because as the current border tension with india is not very good as seen last days LOC tension is escalated. In this situation this kind of movement in the federal capital is not feasible. All matters can be resolve on table talk if the sincere efforts be made.

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