Drought causes of Tharparkar Pakistan worse than cape town drought


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No relief sight in Sindh since the Thar Desert enters into fresh drought. Drought-like conditions in parts of Pakistan's southern Sindh province due to drought hit in Pakistan, as per latest news 400+ children reportedly died in recent months from disease and suspected malnutrition. Drought causes are many but he main one is climate change, which happening in all over the world effects of drought are spreading fast. News shows Australia drought, drought in India, cape town drought, drought california are an example. There is dire need to start war against drought as foresee tharparker news and drought facts and figures, its shows that there is severe effect of drought in Sindh Pakistan. It needs immediate attention of world to help and stand with Pakistan in the battle against drought. In this video I presented Current Drought Report on thar, which gives latest news about drought in Pakistan. The breaking news is that more than 400 children and many animals especially famous tharparkar cow died and no fruitful efforts are taken by the Government for prevention of drought, I think they don’t know the drought meaning, situation for living humen and animals is getting worse day by day. The NGOs working in Pakistan especially paani foundation and world should foresee this drought crisis and should watch this report on tharparkar drought situation, which is worst drought happen in the world. Many main stream media TV Channels are reporting this event as breaking news tharparkar some news channels whose reporting; #Geo News #92newshdplus #arynews #dunyanews #neonews and different #newspapers publishing urdu news. The #alerttv #qaiserresearch is working on this news event and report on drought in Pakistan and other social issues in Pakistan. If you like to participate to change the Pakistan and raise your voices against the climate change causes. Stand with our Alert TV youtube channel, we will raise your voice and give power to your words. Contact alert tv: https://www.facebook.com/qaiserresearch https://www.facebook.com/qaiserreserarch1 https://www.facebook.com/alerttv1 https://www.anchor.fm/alerttv https://twitter.com/qaiserresearch https://flipboard.com/@qaiserresearch Thanks

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