How to Approach Legal & Compliance Challenges as a Small Business with Jamie Hurewitz


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I this episode, we're talking to Jamie Hurewitz, a technology attorney with 15+ years of experience advising tech startups and mature organizations. Jamie walks us through challenges and things to consider when it comes to legal and compliance matters at each stage of a business, from an early startup to a mature company.

About the speaker: Jamie Hurewitz is a passionate technology attorney with over 15 years of experience advising tech start-ups and mature organizations on software licensing, intellectual property, employment, corporate, and compliance related matters. As VP of Legal at GitLab, she guided the company through its hyper-growth from 150 team members to over 1,100, dealing with complex and unique issues of the largest all remote organization with team members located in 60 different countries. As a result of the knowledge gained through her experience, Jamie created a group listserve for her peers at other remote-first organizations such as DuckDuckGo, Wikimedia, and Automattic, to act as a resource and sounding board for each other when dealing with the unique challenges of distributed workforces. Jamie also spends time mentoring and advising startups through Techstars and AdvisoryCloud, and speaks to various startup organizations on the topic of the legal needs of startups. When she is not off sharing her knowledge, Jamie is busy taking in new knowledge as she finishes her Executive LLM degree in Securities and Financial Regulations at Georgetown University Law Center.

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