How to Ensure Good Employee Experience in Your Company with Marialena Savvopoulou


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In this episode, Anja talks to Marialena Savvopoulou, Compensation and Benefits Specialist at Beat. Marialena shares her perspective on challenges with designing a good employee experience in different teams- remote, hybrid, and in-office. When should onboarding start, what to do before the new hire joins and how to manage people that are working from different locations.

About the speaker: Marialena Savvopoulou is the Compensation & Benefits Specialist for Beat. She chose an HR career as she is deeply passionate about facilitating people. In Beat, that's ranging from traditional to fully remote teams, across two regions and 8+ countries!

About the company: Beat provides unlimited access to learning and opportunities to grow, along with competitive compensation packages. Beat headquarters in Athens, Greece, while additional development and operations offices are located in Amsterdam, Lima, Santiago, Bogotá, Mexico City, Buenos Aires with many more soon to come

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