Remote Hiring: Find, Onboard & Structure Technical Talent with Gilad Bornstein


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In this episode, Ilana talks to Gilad Bornstein, CEO & Co-founder of Gilad shares his vast experience of working with technical talent and a team of 3,000 contractors in 100+ countries. Gilad talks about what he calls "remote work insights", how to find the right remote talent for a specific company, and how to manage them. He also talks about common challenges of remote work such as communication, cultural differences, and work-life balance.

About the speaker: As a Remote-Work expert and an Engineering Executive for 20+ years, Gilad Bornstein is set on a mission to help companies build and scale their business by freeing them from their local zip-code sourcing restrictions. Throughout his career at Qualcomm, Elbit Systems, and till recently at Crossover, Gilad has been looking for ways to innovate, accelerate, and improve the performance of his engineering groups. Gilad, who is the inventor and co-inventor of more than ten granted patents, led large-scale organizational transformations wherever he went, personally chasing the best (usually unavailable) talent for his teams.

About the company: is the ultimate sourcing solution for Engineering managers - a one-click sourcing-as-a-service of pre-vetted remote-workers.

If you want to learn more about hiring the right remote talent, check this.

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