31. Mac Jones has been made in Belichick‘s image, 3 teams & 3 QBs who will look a lot different in Week 2


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As we all wrap up our Week 1 analysis, Tanya checks in on where the Patriots stand as they prepare to bounce back in Week 2 against the Jets - and dives a little deeper into exactly what Bill Belichick is looking to get from Mac Jones this season and whether it's a formula that can stand up long term against the current powers of the AFC (2:34). Then she expands the conversation to the rest of the NFL to take a look at 3 teams we can expect to look a lot different in Week 2 than they did in Week 1 (20:09), and does the same exercise for 3 QBs whose Week 2 performances may have us second-guessing what we saw from them in their season debuts (27:08).

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