7: AH The Calm Down: Talking to My Christian Friends About Gay Stuff


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For the Calm Down this week my guests are my two Christian friends who wish to remain anonymous, as they are sharing some anti-establishment opinions. Brianna is a poet who got her masters with me at the University of Virginia, and her husband Patrick has a master’s degree in biblical and theological studies and teaches the bible at a private high school. Brianna and Patrick are dedicated to questioning and exploring their faith in big ways, and today we’ll talk about their changes of heart as young Christians, what the the Bible says about homosexuality in its historical context, and how the philosophy of queerness just might help save the Christian faith.

This is American Hysteria’s The Calm Down
Hosted by Chelsey Weber-Smith
This week’s guests were Brianna and Patrick
This episode was produced by Clear Common Studios

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Join us next week for the panics surrounding Teenage Sex.

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