Ep 52 - DC Punk, Fruitlands


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We're back, with special guest Rob Mulligan! First, Rob takes us through the Revolution Summer of DC hardcore Punk music, and all the punk rockers that made it happen. Learn who started the straightedge movement, and why? Just why is it called moshing? And just how much do punks hate Ronald Reagan (a lot). These questions and many more, including some really dumb ones, we answer!

Then, Jackie tells us about Fruitlands, yet another failed Massachusetts utopia of the 1800s. This one had Louisa May Alcott and a bust of Socrates! Find out what happens when a farmland built on the idea of working all day and debating all night fails to include a single actual farmer. It feels good to be back.

You can find Rob on social media a @muralgoblin or on his actual play DnD podcast, Adventure Inc.

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