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Our Wild Life
Our Wild Life star Bobbie Jo Abrams is on Animal RadioBobbie Jo Abrams doesn't mind the camels in her kitchen or sloths in her living room. And she rather enjoys the kangaroos hanging onto her. Her new TLC hit series, Our Wild Life, is causing a lot of chatter about the 81 mostly exotic animals she shares her house with. She explains how she pays for her bizarre pet collecting habit.
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Avoiding and Treating Heat Stroke in Dogs
Typically, when you think of a dog getting heat stroke, you might envision a dog in a hot car. But heat stroke can affect your dog simply by being outside in 80-degree temperatures. Fear Free Vet Dr. Stacy Eckman talks about the breed of dogs most at risk and the myths behind improper treatment of heat stroke. Check out the Fear Free Expert Series.
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A Rescue Cat Who Inspired a Community
When life gives you lemons, you know what you're supposed to do! After battling cancer, Best-selling author Helen Brown embraced a "special needs" foster cat named Bono. This little cat was the last thing Helen wanted or needed, or so she thought. Helen tells us how Bono left his mark-on-her-heart.
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Funerals for Robotic Dogs
Robot Aibo FuneralsMost of us know how difficult it is losing a pet, but what happens when the "pet" in question is a robot? It's something that happens frequently in Japan where Aibo the robotic dog is manufactured. The demise of the irreparable Aibo robotic dog is marked in much the same way as that of humans, with a solemn ceremony at a Buddhist temple. At a recent memorial for more than a hundred "deceased" members of Sony’s older generation of Aibo robot dogs, incense wafted through the air as priests in robes chanted and prayed for their souls.
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I've Pet That Dog
Gideon Kidd is a 9-year-old from Iowa whose love in life is petting dogs. This has all been documented with photos taken by his mother, which are then posted on his blog named "I’ve Pet That Dog!" So far, Gideon has documented himself petting over 300 dogs. Gideon's Twitter page has exploded with more than 70,000 followers.
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