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Every Tuesday, dog owner Renee Colvert and puppy owner Alexis Preston talk to guests about their dogs, discuss dogs they met this week, and brief you on dogs news. They go on assignment to dog events and report back with what you need to know. If there's a dog, they're gonna pet it!
The Purrrcast
Hosts Sara Iyer and Steven Ray Morris, producer for “My Favorite Murder,” talk to cat people because they can't talk to their cats. Theme song by Analise Nelson and Dax Schaffer Artwork by Jillian Yoffe
VETgirl Veterinary Continuing Education Podcasts. With VETgirl, you can learn clinical veterinary medicine with style, passion, and efficiency! VETgirl is designed for veterinary professionals who have time poverty and are on the run. Who has time to read journals or sit through hours of lectures? Download the podcasts you want to listen to, and get clinical tips within just a few minutes of listening! We'll help get you the facts you need in a convenient way! Want more information? Go to Jo ...
Escape the daily grind and immerse yourself in the natural world. Rich in imagery, sound, and information, BirdNote inspires you to notice the world around you. Join us for daily two-minute stories about birds, the environment, and more.
Our mission is to provide education, information and dialogue that will create a supportive environment empowering people to help cats in their community.
Nature's Voice
Love nature? You'll love Nature's Voice. Each month we'll bring you features, interviews and news of birds and wildlife, from back gardens to the Sumatran rainforest. If you can't get enough, try dipping into our back catalogue. We'll take you soaring with birds of prey, look back over 30 years of Big Garden Birdwatch, offer wildlife gardening advice and hear from celebrity wildlife lovers like Bill Oddie and Kate Humble. To make sure you get each new edition as soon as it’s published, why n ...
Behaviour veterinarian; Dr Lewis Kirkham & Small Animal veterinarian; Dr Robbie Anderton, provide an informative, free weekly podcast with behaviour & veterinary advice for pet owners, dog trainers, cat lovers, veterinarians, veterinary technicians and veterinary nurses. Dr Lewis is a veterinarian with further qualifications in animal behaviour and Dr Robbie is a veterinarian with further qualifications in veterinary medicine. The weekly podcast where 'too much talking about pets is barely e ...
Remember Tweety Bird’s trademark phrase "I thought I saw a puddy cat"? Surprised people repeat those words everyday, except the cat, dog, hamster or even horse they catch out of the corner of their eyes has passed on. Do animal ghosts really exist, or are they products of a wishful imagination? Join the world of Paranormal Pets. Each week we’ll discuss all aspects of weird or spiritual animal encounters: ghosts, totems, psychic animals, animal souls, animal angels, animals in religion, with ...
Published every other Friday, the Fenzi Dog Sports Podcast is brought to you by the Fenzi Dog Sports Academy. Each episode of the Fenzi Dog Sports Podcast will feature an interview with a leading name in the competitive dog sports training world, talking in depth about issues that often get overlooked by traditional training methods.
These pet podcasts are all about achieving harmony in the household -- for everyone: people, cats and dogs. Bolstered by a lineup of top behavior experts as guests, host Arden Moore will unlock the perplexing, puzzling and downright frustrating aspects of feline and canine actions and attitudes... on Pet Life Radio.
Welcome to the RVC veterinary clinical podcast. In these shows, Dominic Barfield, with the technical help of Brian Cox talks to a variety of different faculty/specialists/clinicians from the RVC about clinical relevant material to everyone in practice, if you are just about to start your veterinary career or you are a seasoned professional we aim to provide something for everyone. Whether you’re listening whilst you are cooking dinner, driving home, walking the dog or even at the gym, we wan ...
Lexicon Valley
Lexicon Valley is a show about language, from pet peeves, syntax, and etymology to neurolinguistics and the death of languages. Hosted by linguist John McWhorter.
Dogs, stories from the Florida keys, and hopefully funny and smart rambling
In these cat podcasts, learn everything there is to know about cats on Cattitude with your hosts Michelle Fern & Tom Dock.. In this cat podcast, each week we’ll spotlight a cool cat breed, give up-to-date advice on cat health, and check out new cat products! So curl up on the couch every week for a purrr-fectly enjoyable time on Cattitude... on Pet Life Radio.
Podcast A Vet is a podcast for Veterinarians, students, nurses, veterinary professionals and animal lovers with an emphasis on community. The podcast shares the stories, struggles, successes and insights of leaders across the veterinary industry. As modern vets, we face numerous challenges on a daily basis, from dealing with patients and clients, to running profitable practices, to dealing with internal struggles like compassion fatigue. We believe that the best way through these struggles i ...
These pet podcasts on Pet Life Radio, are about pet health and pet care featuring preventative pet medicine, senior pet care, pet pediatrics, emergency pet first aid, pet meds, pet insurance, pet dental care, pet food and pet grooming.
Veterinarian and vlogger, Cody Creelman, dives deep into the topics he's passionate about.
21st Century Resources for Marketing and Growing a Dog Related Business In today's economy there are thousands of dog trainers, groomers, kennels and daycares, pet sitters, dog walkers, and veterinarians that are seeing shrinking profits and even going out of business. Not only that but there are thousands more who are getting by just fine but would love to learn the skills to take their business to the next level.Six Figure Dog Business teachs the skills for marketing a business including: ...
Ask the Vets with Dr. Jeff Call-in Radio Show Ask the vets is a call-in show where you, the listeners can ask anything about your dogs or cats and other animals on Pet Life Radio
Join Dr. Justine Lee, DVM, DACVECC, DABT, an emergency critical care veterinary specialist and toxicologist, for "ER Vet !" This show is dedicated to all things emergency related. After all, we all dread having to go to the veterinarian at 2 A.M. In this show, Dr. Lee will help educate pet owners on what you really need to know about keeping your pets safe and protected. When is it a "real" emergency? When should you go to the animal ER? What can you do to prevent a visit to the ER? What do ...
Veterinary Information and Entertainment by the VetGurus Brendan and Mark
Pet Theories Podcast
Every week, we answer our listener's most awkward pet questions, from cat training troubles to macaw manners. Plus, some helpful dog training advice, cool new pet tricks, and review all the latest news for animals. Please send any and all of your pet questions to
In these pet podcasts, host Tim Link will feature interviews with best-selling pet-related authors, award winning writers and journalists that focus on stories about animals and bloggers with interesting topics to share about pets. Each interview will give you firsthand knowledge about why the authors and writers chose a particular story, what the featured animals meant to them, and what has become of the animals that we talk about. All of the discussions will be compelling and informative. ...
Sporting Dog Talk
If you love bird dogs, or working dogs of any breed, then the Sporting Dog Talk Podcast is your go-to source for information. Each week, guests who are experts in all-things-working dogs, offer up a perfect mix of education and entertainment all centered around their lives which have been devoted to man’s best friend.
Monthly+ is a bi-weekly podcast dedicated to the tools, techniques, and technologies used in modern web development. Each episode, we have a cadre of hosts discussing the latest hotness, pet peeves, and technologies we use every day. We all come from a Craft CMS background, but we’ll be focusing on other cool frontend development technologies as well.
Dove Step
Podcast by Jonny Rankin
The Steve Dale Pet World Petcast from 720 WGN.
Roxanne from Holy Dog Pet Boarding
Pet Talk
Saturdays 2 - 3pm
We pamper them. We bring them wherever we go. We surprise them with something new on special occasions. They even get holiday presents. They are our pets! From high-end items to high-tech items, products for our companion animals now extend beyond traditional necessities. On Best Bets for Pets we'll check out cool new pet products such as dog beds, dog gifts, cat gifts, dog toys and more! Welcome to "Best Bets for Pets" where we spotlight the latest pet product trends!
Sam is the Queen of Rock 'n' Roll Dogs. Each week she brings you a show all about pets, people, and pop culture. The show broadcasts live from Las Vegas and boasts cool guests, experts, and great advice all in one rocking' hour.
On Jody’s Pet Life Radio show, Bark and Swagger, she shares the love we feel for our pets, and the beautiful, fun fashion available for them. Guest interviews with designers and other experts from the fashion arena, surprise co-hosts- you never know what interesting designer label or useful bit of info you’ll discover. So, what are you waiting for? Tune in and get your swagger on!
Knowing Animals
Knowing Animals is a regular 20 minutes podcast about all things related to animals and ethics; animals and the law; animals and politics; and animal advocacy. It features interviews with academic and animal advocates. It is available free so enjoy!
Is your family thinking of adding a fish tank or pond to your home? Fish tanks and ponds are wonderful places to observe a habitat on a smaller scale. Its like having your very own window into a fresh water riverbed or saltwater ocean. Keeping aquarium fish is a pleasurable and educational hobby for families around the world.Keeping fish as pets has been a tradition going back to ancient Egypt and China. Today, many more different, beautiful and fascinating kinds of fish and other aquatic an ...
Welcome to the Animal Party on Pet Life Radio with your host, Deborah Wolfe, where we talk everything about animals! You get the latest Dog & Cat News, Animal Facts, Topics & Guests!
"For the Birds" began airing on KUMD in Duluth, MN, in May, 1986, and is the longest continually-running radio program about birds in the U.S. Hundreds more episodes are available for free at
The Pet Factor
The Pet Factor is here to help you understand your pet's health needs. From preventative care to dealing with chronic illnesses, we present information on why veterinarians recommend wellness care for your pet, how we diagnose and treat sick animals, and tips to keep your pets from developing common problems. We also showcase new products available to your veterinarian and news regarding pet health.
That Vet Life
As a vet student at the Royal (dick) School of Veterinary Studies, Moriah McCauley has been able to experience first hand the challenges of veterinary medicine as well as some of the excitement and adventure that it involves. Tag along as she talks with the veterinarians and professionals that Inspire, Encourage and Challenge the Veterinary Community.“The greatest challenge to your calling is comfort” -anonymous Instagram @ThatVet_Life
Chad Mackin discusses the unique and effective style of pressure and release dog training he has developed.
Pet Corner
Pet Corner is a 30 minute show featuring stories, articles, and "tails" about all kinds of pets! This is produced by Radio Eye under the Chafee Amendment to the Copyright Act which states that authorized entities that are governmental or nonprofit organizations whose primary mission is to provide copyrighted works in specialized formats to blind or disabled people. By continuing to listen, you verify you have an eligible print-reading disability.
K9s Talking Scents
This podcast is all about Detection Dogs we talking training, working the dog in the real world, starting a new dog or have an experienced dog, this show is for you. Calling all Detection dogs, Sniffer Dogs, those who compete in Nosework / Scentwork sports. If you work a detection dog that sniffs out bombs, drugs, guns, cell phones, electronic devices or anything else this podcast is for you
From rabbits to rhinos! Have fun with practical application and get mental with behavior science. Animal training expert Barbara Heidenreich helps you solve your behavior problems and reach your training goals.
Steve Dale’s Pet World is a one-hour weekly show about companion animals.
If you have a passion for animals, then you are going to love this podcast! This show brings all members of the animal community, from pet hobbyists to wildlife experts, together under one roof to discuss anything and everything animal related. Listen to experts talk about reptiles, mammals, fish, birds and everything in between with the topics ranging from breeding, pet husbandry, scientific research, wildlife conservation and more! Dillon Perron, the podcast’s host, is also the creator of ...
Each week, host Mary DeFranco shares information and stories about the companions in our lives - our pets.
Raising your paws is the go-to resource for both cat and dog pet parents. Each episode will offer you quick tips, practical solutions and insights from leading authors and experts that will help you increase your skills, feel more in control, save time, and give you the confidence to know what to do, in caring for the furry, four-legged members of your family.
Blunt Dissection Podcast exists because everyone has a story worth listening to. It's the original and best vet interview podcast where the best minds in the various subcultures of veterinary medicine - business, academia, sport, not-for-profit and politics are profiled/deconstructed so you can learn the habits, routines, thought processes and anything else that makes these individuals so good at what they do. What’s in it for you to listen? For some, it's entertainment, for others the show ...
Talkin' Birds
Ray Brown's Talkin' Birds is a call-in show of entertaining conversation about wild birds -- attracting them to your back yard, identifying them, feeding them, and learning more about them along the way. Every week, we have contests for prizes like bird feeders and other great bird-related stuff, along with expert guests. So, whether you're an experienced birder, or you're new to birding, listen in, and be part of the show by calling in with a question, sharing some information or observatio ...
Continuing Education for Veterinary Rehabilitation Therapists with Dr Megan Kelly from
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We got a little busy putting tomatoes into jars this weekend to edit a full episode . . . or even stay on topic . . . BUT we did have an in-depth conversation changing thoughts on spaying and neutering. Listen back for the full episode later on this week, with Australian news, toucan updates, and doggy Halloween costumes!…
Lance is a Colorado based dog trainer who was burned out on doing lots of board and trains, lots of stress, and lots of long hours. He was making good money, about $160k per year, but he was losing passion for the dogs and working sunrise to late each night. Can you relate? He got into our coaching program and changed THREE main things. The res ...…
This week Michelle Fern discusses 'should I or shouldn't I?', whether it's the right time to adopt a new cat into your household, including things to consider such as food, litter, finances, household items for your new cat and more! If you're thinking of adopting a new kitty, adding to your existing fur kids, or adopting again, you won't want ...…
Well once again we've hit the jackpot! Meghan Parks joins us and we talk about the bonds we have with our dogs, pet sitting, and her very own dog, Pudding! Plus, Tug finally got to swim in a pool and Crumb has some adventures at the park! Stop reading this and tune in!
This week's topics include more on pet allergies, bleach, and more!. Tune in every SUNDAY at 12 Noon Eastern, 9am Pacific and call in with your questions at 877-385-8882. More details on this episode MP3 Podcast - Ask the Vets with Dr. JeffBy Dr. Jeff Werber.
Episode Notes We discuss how internal parasite (heartworm and intestinal parasite) prevention works, what types of products are available, and why year round protection is important. In Pet Health News, there is a promising treatment for Parvovirus in dogs on the horizon, congress pressures the USDA to stop using kittens in testing for toxoplas ...…
National Fetch Day! Yes, there is a holiday dedicated to that age-old sport of fetch, celebrated every third Saturday of October. Polydactyl cats - we'll learn all about those cute little extra toes that some of our feline friends are born with, and we'll sink our teeth into this question - do cats chew?…
In honor of the Chicago Marathon, Steve Dale speaks with Dr. Byron de la Navarre about the tortoise and the hare! Dr. Byron de la Navarre discusses the many misconceptions that surround rabbits; tortoises and turtles; and much more. Learn more at http://www.stevedale.tvBy
You saw it at the pet store and immediately fell in love with it. You really don’t know what it is but you just had to have it. The guy at the store said it was easy was take care, no problem…not any harder than a cat, dog or hamster. Now you have a Beta fighting fish, baby Cockatoo, sugar glider, ferret, prairie dog, bearded lizard…fill in the ...…
From wolf to woof and jungle to couch, dogs and cats have amazing evolutions. Dr. Gary Weitzman, DVM, president of the San Diego Humane Society, unleashes his latest books aimed at kids. Join us for a special episode of the Oh Behave Show with host Arden Moore as Dr. Gary shares fascinating facts from his books, "Dog Breed Guide: A Complete Ref ...…
Welcome to Episode 81 of the Two Vets Talk Pets Podcast, where too much witty talking of pets is barely enough. This week, Lewis comes in off the long run and takes the torch to Nat Geo Wild Dog: Impossible TV show, and signs Robbie's dog Rosie up for eating Maggot treats, and also finds a listener in a vet student from Poland. All while Robbie ...…
In this episode of ER VET, Dr. Justine Lee, DACVECC, DABT interviews Nat Geo Wild, Laura Thomas, on how to help rescue and save animals when you're not a veterinary professional. Interested in saving animals? Tune in to learn more! More details on this episode MP3 Podcast - How To Help Save Animals When You're Not A Veterinary Professional on P ...…
Does your dog annoy you when it begs for one more treat, or pushes your hand so that you continue petting its back, or bark at you to throw the ball just once more? In this episode, I’ll explain how to teach the cue, “enough” which means they are to stop doing whatever rather demanding behavior they are doing and leave you alone. Then, meet the ...…
#1 New York Times best-selling author W. Bruce Cameron joins Tim for this episode. Bruce and Tim discuss the latest novel, A Dog’s Promise. A Dog’s Promise continues the story of Bailey (Bailey, Bailey, Bailey), the dog whose journey started with the novel, A Dog’s Purpose and continued in A Dog’s Journey (both novels becoming major motion pict ...…
This week Michelle Fern welcomes Safety Dog Leash creator, Richard Sargis, and Jay Abrams, Vice President of Marketing to talk about the Safety Dog Leash! The Safety Dog Leash is a safety accessory that attaches to any leash allowing you to have your hands free while walking or dog or multiple dogs. They also have a great Mission Statement as w ...…
When Peter Michelena rescued his Pit mix puppy, Daisy, he had no idea she would be his bridge into Pitbull love. Now ,10 years later, Daisy is a lovely senior and Peter has gathered Pitbull moms and dads all over his hometown of Los Angeles, to create his coffee table book, The Big Book of Pitbull Headshots from Hollywood. It’s a wonderful book ...…
Maria Goodavage takes us into the world of medical dogs, dogs who are detecting cancer and Parkinson’s disease as well as a host of other medical issues. She’ll tell Steve about all of the amazing things dogs are doing to keep us healthy when we talk about her book, "Doctor Dogs: How Our Best Friends Are Becoming Our Best Medicine."The Winn Fel ...…
Come and celebrate the 101st episode of the Paranormal Pets Podcast! In this episode, catch up with stories of baying graveyard ghost dogs, Art Loft Paranormal Pugs antics, and a ghost cat encounter. More details on this episode MP3 Podcast - Paranormal Pet Potpourri and Celebration of Episode 101 on Pet Life Radio.…
Deb welcomes back Dr. Jory Bocknek to the Animal Party. This week's topics include Deb's brand new Golden Doodle puppies, the various types of flea and tick medications to give your pets, and which vaccines are necessary for pets for the area you live. More details on this episode MP3 Podcast - New Puppies, Vaccines, Flea Meds and More on Pet L ...…
Hello, everyone. I’m Sam the Queen of Rock ‘n’ Roll dogs and host of Vegas Rock Dog Radio Show. On today’s show, I’m talking about a pet emergency hotline service, the link between joint mobility and anxiety in dogs, and a unique way of adopting dogs. Show Notes Pet Emergency Hotline Connection Between Joint Hype ...…
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