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Julie Baker explains how she earns 50k a year making chicken clothesMaking Chicken Clothes Earns $50,000 Yearly
Julie Baker accidentally started a chicken clothing company by making fashionable-looking diapers for pet chickens - but now her company, Pampered Poultry, has gone on to add tutus, sweaters and dresses. She earns about $50,000 yearly.
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Research Shows Your Dog May Share Your Personality Traits
Your dog's behavior has more to do with yours than you might think. Dogs can develop all kinds of personality issues, and new research shows that their humans might have something to do with it. Dr. Nicholas Dodman says your craziness can rub off on your dog.
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Finding Pet Friendly Vacation Spots
Television host Ashley Mengwasser is traveling the country looking for the best places to take your pets. She'll show you, not the spots that just tolerate pets, but the locations that roll out the red carpet for Fido. Check out her program called Pets Welcome Here TV.
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Pit bull service dogs being banned on DeltaDelta Bans "Pit-Bull Style" Dogs
Delta has added its name to the growing list of airlines that have unveiled new, stricter policies about animals on airplanes. Delta says its new rules are driven by safety considerations and intended to ensure that service or emotional support animals are traveling only with passengers who truly have disabilities. The airline also announced it would prohibit all “pit bull-type dogs” as service or support animals due to safety concerns following recent incidents in which several employees were bitten.
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Mars Petcare Food Linked To Incurable Disease
The Australian division of the global pet food company Mars Petcare has been dealing with a sad and difficult to understand mess involving one of its foods, Advance DermoCare, which has been implicated in more than 100 Australian dogs being diagnosed with megaesophagus. As a result of all the negative attention, Mars is now the first major pet food company to support Australian pet food regulation after years of the industry down under insisting there was no need for formal oversight. Owners of dogs with megaesophagus have criticized Mars for recalling the product three months after it first learned of a potential problem.
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