1189. The Most Bizarre And Exceptional Dogs, Cats, Fish, Birds And Insects


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2 faced catRipley's Strangest Animals
Ripley's Believe It Or Not is back for their parade down Animal Radio avenue with the most-bizarre and exceptional dogs, cats, fish, birds and insects. We are proud to have more giveaways of the new coffee-table book.
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Smartphones for Cows
The age-old task of determining when your milk-cow is in heat is over. A French company has designed a cell-gadget that attaches to the cows genitalia and automatically texts you when it detects an increase in temperature and movement; both signs of being in heat.
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Taco Cat
Fall at the Vet Clinic
Dr. Debbie is already seeing her usual increase in business this time of year. From candy poisoning to consumed costumes, Autumn always means trouble for thousands of pets across the country. Debbie will tell you what you need to know to stay out of the hospital.
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Pet Pix Boost Productivity
Sarah Kliff reports on a study that proves putting pictures of baby animals on your desk can actually increase the amount of work that you achieve. Find out what makes this so. Then start digging out those photos of kittens and puppies.
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