8. Exploring Fungi from iNaturalist to Biotech


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Damon Tighe joins the show to provide a wide ranging perspective on studying fungi and the natural world in general. From developing new genetic techniques for assessing microorganisms to DIY mushroom cultivation experiments to prolific cataloguing of the planet’s biodiversity with the iNaturalist app, Damon has advanced the knowledge of and techniques for studying the Earth’s residents on multiple fronts. His current work focuses on outreach and improving the teaching of molecular biology techniques, so we discussed the importance of science education, good experimental design with modest research goals, training the next generation of scientists, and the importance of not getting lost in the allure of all the amazing new technology emerging in the biological sciences. Additionally he tells us about the importance of bio-blitzes and the use of apps like iNaturalist both for advancing the ecological sciences and developing a community understanding and appreciation for them. From leading edge molecular technology to home cultivation experiments to learning the biodiversity in your neighborhood, Damon helps shed light on ways to study and work with fungi from the complex to the highly accessible.

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