Podcast 263: Dr. Kate Sicchio


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Dr. Kate Sicchio is hard at work redefining what it means to be a media artist. Deeply embedded in the dance world (she identifies as a choreographer), she has been working with dance-oriented electronics and coding, and has extended that into the live-coding music and visuals world as well. Her work ranges from code-and-body critique to algorave gathering organizer - and seems to get it all right!

Starting off as a serious dancer, Kate also was drawn to web programming, and soon found a way to combine the two disciplines into a singular practice. This led to work with live-coding, wearable sensor and motor development and is even now moving toward custom language development. If you are interested, you really need to check out her website (http://blog.sicchio.com/) and Vimeo videos (https://vimeo.com/user5717715).

Dr. Sicchio will be one of the presenters at the Cycling '74 Expo, to be held in April 2019 at MASS MoCA. You can find out more about the Expo here: https://cycling74.com/expo


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