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我们探讨移民和落地生根,也讨论乡愁和落叶归根。佐治亚小帅是一档关于北美华人和美国亚裔的故事访谈播客。主播小帅会邀请华人或者任何讲普通话的朋友,来分享他们在北美的生活和创业故事。我们分享各行各业,比如在美国怎么当演员,开卡车,做护理医师,开本地商铺,NBA当记者,公立学校做教师。我们也讨论华人生活,比如科技创业,中美文化,房地产,做副业,移民,美国和加拿大留学,保险和养老。嘉宾来自纽约/洛杉矶/硅谷/亚特兰大各个地区。Asian Answers with Xiaoshuai is a Mandarin Chinese and English podcast. Xiaoshuai interviews Asian Americans across the United States and Canada biweekly. We talk about the international student life, career experiences, small business and how to start your own business, real estate, culture shock, and all sorts of other issues minorities face in America and Canada.

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