The Astrology of #FreeBritney Spears, *hint, transiting planets


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The astrology of Britney Spears, it’s all about those transiting planets to personal planets, #metoo, finally waking up to a gynocentric world view, the changing face of paps/tabloid culture and the mass projections celebrities capture. Well, It is Leo season after all. And Britney is a Sagittarius, the sign of freedom!!

#freebritney seemed like one of those crazy internet conspiracies at first, but as usual, truth is stranger than fiction. What else is truth dressed up as fiction? Probably a lot at the moment! #freebritney is a massive social media, fan-based drive pushing for accountability and freedom. We're all ready for a good news story, so #freebritney!

In this episode, we walk through Britney Spear's timeline as the cycle of the outer planets moves through her birth chart and connect with her personal planets, and point at ALL the key moments we know and love her for. The gifts and the very challenging, it's all there. If you'd like me to map this out visually in a blog post, let me know, and I shall! If you'd like me to deep dive Britney's natal chart, also, let me know.

There's a bit of astro jargon so beginners, have your Star Power and Astro Power handbooks at the ready, see links below if you don't have yours yet.

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Cover art by James Hillier IG @Nordacious, - Check out more fab art on Britney and more!

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