Ep 455 Religious Apocalypse in Cinema


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Sunday June 3, 2018

This week Hertzey and Joseph are happy to be joined via Skype by freelance writer and podcaster Nathan Dickey who has come on to discuss one of his favorite topics; the portrayal of religious apocalypses in cinema through the years.

Nathan hosts the Trolling with Logic and Leap of Doubt podcasts.

A Leap of Doubt is a podcast about a lot of things that orbit the central, overarching theme of secular humanism: philosophy, skepticism, atheism, science, feminism, social justice, mental health, and raw human experience.


Trolling with Logic describes itself as: "A weekly skeptical podcast with an irreverent sense of humour. We've changed and evolved over the years in ways that would have Darwin spinning so fast in his grave angular momentum would phone in to complain. We currently focus on skepticism with a pop culture angle, looking at the science behind our favorite media. In addition, we [TWIL] also undertake movie and TV review from those sublime cinematic masterpieces to those productions that make Tommy Wiseau look like Stanley Kubrik."


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