Avenue Red Podcast #117 - Sam Funke


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Amid this very busy winter schedule of releases, Avenue Red continues with a fresh upfront mix of slamming oldskool Tech House flavours. Many thanks to Sam Funke from Paris, France for this killer mix to show the kids what real, genuine Tech House was all about back in it's golden era of 90's to early 00's, where the sub-genre name was used to describe this unique fusion of Techno & House music stylings. Ignore all subsequent widespread abuses of this genre term though, none of which matter anyhow because those of us in the know cannot be fooled! "I am a cosmic vinyl addict from Paris bringing the vibe and the groove on the dancefloor of underground warehouse parties. I am a Techno, Electro and Breakbeat head at the service of galaxy. Here I give a mix of old stuff from my record collection, mainly Tech House from UK 1990's with stuff from Terry Francis, Nathan Coles, Craig Richards, Eddie Richards etc. Have fun!" Sam Funke, December 2018 https://soundcloud.com/sam-funke

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