Ep 4-History of AIM pt 2 Dawes Act, Indian Reorganization, and Termination Era


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Thank you for downloading the episode. Today we discuss the Dawes Act, Indian Reorganization Act, and Indian Termination Acts.Our next episode will be a Turtle Talk with some special guests you can find here:

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Take Action and help reverse the Dawes Act

Indian Land Tenure Foundation Video

1.Dawes Act

Original Document

Native Partners "True Impact of the Dawes Act of 1887"

Chronology of Land Allotment

2.Indian Reorganization Act

Original Document

Native Partnership's Analysis of the Indian Reorganization Act

Native Voice's on IRA

3.Indian Termination Acts

PWNA on Termination Era of 53-68

ICC Final Report PDF

Kansas Act of 1940

Menominee Termination Policy

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