Ep 6 History of AIM pt 3 Occupying Alcatraz, an Indigenous People's Day Special Release


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NDNs From All Directions by A Tribe called Red

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Outro, Alcatraz (Pelican Island) by Malvina Reynolds

Additional Music, Burn Your Village to the Ground by A Tribe Called Red


Ojibwa Warrior by Dennis Banks

AIM Index

The Rhetoric of Red Power Dissertation by Casey Kelly

Alcatraz by Ben WInton of Native Press

Video of Address to the Great White Father and All his Children

A Journey to Freedom by Kent Blanset

We Hold The Rock Documentary the following people are the voices heard

Adam Fortunate Eagle

Dennis Banks

Alan Miller

Shirley Guevera

Grace Thorpe

Brad Patterson Special Assistant to Nixon

Wilma Mankiller

Vine Deloria Jr

Millie Ketcheshawno

Don Patterson

Ed Castillo

Tim Findlay

LaNada Boyer

Richard Oakes

John Trudell

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