Ep 9 (REUPLOAD IMPROVED AUDIO) 20 Point Program (Ft. Nick Estes) -History of AIM pt. 4/INDIGENOUS PEOPLES DAY SPECIAL


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Thank you all for listening, again, sorry to those that this a reupload and the new long title but we fixed the audio desync and Zitkato should sound louder albeit not as crisp audio. Also f*ck Columbus, and happy late Indigenous Peoples Day. In this episode Zitkato interviews Nick Estes from the Red Nation and author of Our History is the Future about the 20 Point Program of the Trail of Broken Treaties written by Hank Adams

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20 Point Program

Alcatraz Audio from Golden Gate State Park Archives


Intro: BIA pt 1(Bands of Turtle Island Remix) by Floyd ‘Red Crow’ Westerman

First Transition: BIA pt 2(Bands of Turtle Island Remix) by Floyd ‘Red Crow’ Westerman

Second Transition: Drums (Bands of Turtle Island Remix) tribute by Floyd “Red Crow’ Westerman

Outro: Drums a Johnny Cash tribute by Floyd “Red Crow’ Westerman

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