Becoming The Hero


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Learn how to become like heroes you admire in your books, movies, TV Shows, video games, or tabletop role-playing games. Do you know that feeling where you see a character in a movie doing something really cool? I want you to have that feeling about yourself all the time. This is Becoming The Hero, the personal development podcast for closet nerds who feel just as comfortable at Comic-Con as they do at Fit Con or a Business Networking International meeting. You love the story and adventure in fictional settings and now we're going to inject more story and adventure into your life. Together, we'll learn from fictional heroes and from real-life adventurers. I'm going to help you create personal quests in your own life and then teach you how to achieve your personal quests and level up. I've had Navy Seals, Army Rangers, Business Moguls, real adventurers, and more on the show and we're just getting started. If you're hoping to turn your personal development into an actual adventure, then armor up because the adventure has just begun.

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