Gucci vs. Jeezy: Grudge Match of the Year? + Takeo & Tu’s Celebrity Girl Crush Stories


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Hip hop culture fuels the energy of the NFL. So, the Gucci Mane and Jeezy VERZUZ grudge battle is more than just locker room talk.

NFL Vets Takeo Spikes and Tutan Reyes give their take on the epic battle and whether holding on to grudges in life (or in The League) is really worth it.

The grudge between Gucci and Jeezy, two of Trap Music’s biggest stars, went on for more than a decade and caused beef in the streets and in the studio.

Plus, Takeo and Tu talk about intimidation. It just doesn’t happen in rap. It happens in love. The guys remember being slightly intimidated when meeting their celebrity girl crushes while in the NFL.

Takeo and Tu make you laugh and think on this episode of Behind the Mask Podcast, voted the Best Sports Podcast by the Black Podcasting Awards.


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