13: Khmer Rouge Eradicated My Faith in Humanity with Kilong Ung


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Before being an American, Kilong Ung was a Cambodian refugee who was primarily identifiable by his serial number “3/3 T.31817”.

Can you even imagine being identified with a serial number like you would a car?

"He was a leaf at the mercy of the wind. The wind carried him from one remote part of the world to another. It blew him through turbulence and catastrophic weather. It took him to a Khmer Rouge labor camp and lingered for an eternity. It dehydrated him and nearly starved him to death. He helplessly watched the most devilish mother of all winds ruthlessly crush his tree into lifeless pulp. Like an almighty Olympian god, when the wind wanted to toy with him, it blew him through minefields, rockets, and bullets. While two million leaves disintegrated, he persevered. Through an extraordinary journey, he discovered himself. He’s fortunate, and don’t easily perish."


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