Ep. 84 - Insights for Teaching (and Living) Anti-Racist Values, with Larissa Wright-Elson


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Here are the basic points from Larissa's article:

  • Our words and actions must match.
  • Reading options for students must be broadened to provide wider perspectives from other races and cultures.
  • Conversations are necessary... even, and especially, the ones around 'difficult' topics. Listening is a big and necessary element for meaningful conversations.
  • Have the courage (and flexibility) to explore new and different ideas.
  • Self-reflection is essential... without self-reflection there is no way to recognize and catch our biases (which we all have... all of us.). Yeah, that's a tough one, but really important for moving forward.
  • Media, used with critical thinking and discernment, can be a valuable resource.
  • FACT: the work is never ending. And because 'whites' created the racist problems, it's on us to be proactive in its mitigation.

Larissa's article for PBS ... https://www.pbs.org/education/blog/a-call-to-action-for-white-educators-who-seek-to-be-anti-racist

More Resources, courtesy of Larissa:

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