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Rene and Camila constitute the union of two parallel forces that have the same intensity, applied to the sound system translated as Binaryh. The duo seeks to create their music with freedom and emotion. As a set of two levels of tension, all sounds are based on two numbers that make it possible to harmonize the darkest elements in the realms of sound: organic, digital and analog. The principles that connect artists in a single code reverence the mathematical and technological age, and the result of the whole process is a techno marked by life-giving bass and prodigious melodies that sheds light on the beauty of darkness. Their songs are carefully crafted to share a growing and constant atmosphere, synthetic lines of code written with feeling, a touch of poetry in the shadows. Discovered by the German label Steyoyoke, Binaryh was invited to join the select family, being the first Brazilians to launch by their Techno arm, Steyoyoke Black. His EPs are among the best Beatport releases in high ranking positions as the debut EP "Primary Code" was among the Top 40 Techno releases on Beatport. In 2017 he released Boolean Logic, his third EP for Steyoyoke Black, which topped Beatport's Top 10 Techno Releases in the first week of sales, and today the "Hydra" track ranks # 1 on sales of the Prisma Techno label on Beatport. . In late 2017 Binaryh joined the casting of artists from Brazilian agency D.Agency and performed at clubs and festivals such as D-Edge, ChCaosaos, Terraza, Club Vibe, Green Valley, D-Edge Festival and Winter Music Festival. Across the Atlantic, Binaryh has toured Germany, playing at club Ritter Butzke; and in China, where they performed at the YinYang Music Festival, Lantern Club and Gong Club. Throughout his tender and notorious career, Binaryh has earned the respect and admiration of artists such as Tale of Us, Adriatique, Fideles, Fur Coat, Nicole Moudaber, Bart Skils, Kevin de Vries, among others. Binaryh bets on technology to deliver their presentations and features the DJ Set Hybrid format in addition to its powerful LIVE.

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