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Dr. Sonia C. Leverette, Best-Selling author pursuing her passion of uplifting, informing and healing through words. She is also an educator, speaker, and publishing coach.

Her publications are as follows:

Childrens' Books

  • BJ's Big Dream
  • What Is That Stinky, Winky Eeewww Smell?
  • He Never Slumbers
  • My Friends Lived in the Outlet
  • Oh, To Be a Bulldog
  • Ulysses Cunningham, A Friend to Man: The Story of a Soldier and Steward

Short Stories Published in Anthologies By Vanessa Miller

  • "A Thanksgiving Christmas"
  • "Diary of A Husband-Finder."

Dr. Leverette has published the books of five other authors. She's a graduate of Clemson University and SC State University, and she has served as an English teacher, school and district administrator, assistant superintendent and adjunct professor in her 30+ years of service to the field of education.


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