Episode 88 With Just Blaze


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BlapChat Live was a huge success. Thank you to everyone who came out and rocked with us and all our special guests (Just Blaze, Rance1500 to name a couple) We talked to a lot of you who followed the advice from all of my content and how that led to a big change in your lives, placements and so much more. I encourage you to try something new, embrace your failures, learn from your mistakes and grow within the process. Just Blaze also talks about how he came up and his story of failures/successes. So many times, we think our plan is going to work out but it ends up taking you on a whole other journey. Just and I both have a list of placements that weren't supposed to be where it ended up. But the music will be end up where it needs to be and trust that everything will be okay. A lot of gems in this one.

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