Episode 97 - Rich Mentality Vs Poor Mentality


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On this episode the Blap crew goes over the importance of initiative and a "problem solving" approach to the industry and your career. Illmind is back in the studio with Perfection, Atlas, and GLAM 1..2..3.... BLAPCHAT!!!🔥(:2:25)"Are there any projects this year you guys liked?"(00:05:41)Quick shout out to all the creatives coming out to Illminds "Pass the Aux World Tour"!!!(00:07:09)"Having a rich mentality vs. a Poor Mentality"(00:15:18)"There are two different types of people in this world; People who wait to be told what to do, and people that just do shit"(00:19:00)"The keyword is initiative"(00:27:50)IG Live Q&A (00:40:10)"How would you have found your Skyzoo in 2019?"(00:52:33) Blap or Crap segment (00:59:06) + so much more with Illmind, Atlas, Perfection and GLAM!!

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