CES 2021, BBC Apps And How To Utilise Gestures


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Welcome to episode 69 of the Blind Tech Guys. Thanks for listening and we trust you will enjoy the latest episode of the pod.

We started with a huge thank you to our Blind Tech Guys community, in particular the forty-nine countries that listen to the podcast. It is thanks to all of you that the show continues to grow and we certainly appreciate each of you for taking the time to tune in each week.

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Main Discussion On Today’s Episode

The team sat down and discussed CES 2021 and all the announcements that matter. There were the usual announcements by Asus and HP, but this year, there was a great deal announced that is relevant to blind and visually-impaired consumers, and those with hearing loss, as well as other disabilities.

You can get a good run-down on the four day event by
checking out this Pocket-Lint article And for accessibility news, check out this CNET article.

For our UK listeners, Marco demonstrates on a Samsung S10+ BBC Sport and BBC Sounds, two offerings that are very popular for both sports fans and for those who want to hear all of the various BBC radio offerings.

You can find out more by checking out the
BBC Sounds website and the BBC Sport website.

Marco talks about the
Trade Up for Samsung app on Google Play and is thoroughly disappointed with the process Samsung puts Australian users through in order to purchase the new Samsung S21 offerings and how inaccessible the Samsung app is.

Did You Know?

Actions are a powerful way of accessing certain system events both on iOS and Android. Nimer talks about how to make accessing actions easier in Android, and where actions may be found, as well as why you’d want to use them.

Listener Emails

We received a number of listener emails this week and the team thanks you for taking the time to send us your questions.

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