Channel updates, the latest from Ara (Strap), Kirt bought a raspberry pie.


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Hello and welcome to this post-Easter Blind Tech Adventures. Today we have a lot to share, starting with our channel branding updates. The team behind Ara (strap) also have some updates, especially relevant for people with device pre-orders. Finally Kirt tells us why he decided to buy a Raspberry pie 400, a full computer inside a keyboard.
In the News
1. Freedom Scientific recently released Jaws updates for 2022. I've not yet had the chance to test in detail but improvements include web navigation enhancements and better integration with Fusion.
2. According to this recently released survey, so far Iphone 13 models are dominating Apple sales even more than their current flagships usually do.
3. If you're looking to take full control of your windows settings, this tutorial from XDA developers about enabling windows God Mode may be helpful.

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