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Hello and welcome to this week's Blind Tech Adventures podcast. We have a lot to cover, starting with Kirt's review of his new Galaxy s22. Nimer then demos the Twitter web app with Jaws (no, you don't need yet another app on your phone), and we finish with our thoughts on the current state of cane travel-- what works, what could be better, and our different approaches to this well-worn tool we both rely on.
In the News:
1. For those of you who use new Humanware braille displays, the Mantis and biX models just received their version 2.0 update. Highlights include support for editing brf files (better late than never), a more intelligent terminal mode for easier connections with computers and other bug fixes. There's still no backwards compatibility for non-HID devices, so support for chromebooks and android devices is still limited.
2. Google Drive now supports standard keyboard commands for copying and pasting.
3. If you use a Moto g20 or any other budget smart phone with modem tech from the company Unisoc your phone may be at extra risk of falling victim to a remote attack.
4. Finally, IIT Kanpur from India has designed a smart watch for blind and visually impaired users. The watch seems to display its output through haptic vibrations rather than sound and allegedly offers features for blind and visually impaired users, though specifics seem vague.

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