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How Awkward. I mean, how does a God or Goddess introduce themself? How does a thing like me, explain myself to a thing like you? I've brought you so many things. I brought you fire for your cold nights, begged your Sky God on your behalf for the sun and moon that hang in your orbit. I have been accused of pulling tricks but my tricks formed your existence. It added color. But lets not lose focus. This is about the stories of me fitting into this modern world. I also want your stories, I want all of them. But first let me tell you a few. I was summoned on the plains of West Africa and raised on the land of wood and water, Jamaica. Let me tell you a story or two like no one else can. Listen to the podcast, maybe get access to my writings. Gather 'round and let me show you how storytelling is done. I have so many names ... Anansi, Kuwaku, The Sipder but on this journey ... I like the name Camille. Here is my electric book, let me teach you a trick or two. The World Wide Web, a perfect place for a spider.

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