Copy your Best Bits - How to Identify Your Transferable Skills


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In this episode, Jeannette talks about transferable skills, which every one of us has. She explains how to identify what yours are using a simple 4-part process.

Enabling you to take the first step in leveraging them so that you can enjoy a more satisfied, balanced, productive, and successful life.


  • Regardless of the stage of life, you are at, you already have skills, many of which will be transferable.
  • Your skillset benefits you in your career, business, and personal life.
  • Identifying them will help you to benefit more.
  • Speak to people that you trust to find out how others perceive you. Often, this will uncover skills you were not aware you had.
  • There is likely to be a few gaps, which you can easily educate yourself to fill.


‘Every single person has transferable skills, even though you might think you don´t have them, you do. ´

‘Softer skills like communication can be applied to any business.’

‘It’s really important to invest in yourself if there are some gaps there.’

This is the perfect time to get focused on what YOU want to really achieve in your business, career, and life. It’s never too late to be BRAVE and BOLD and unlock your inner BRILLIANCE. If you’d like to join Jeannette’s FREE Business Impact Seminar just DM Jeannette on or sign up via Jeannette’s linktree


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Jeannette Linfoot is a highly regarded senior executive, property investor, board advisor, and business mentor with over 25 years of global professional business experience across the travel, leisure, hospitality, and property sectors. Having bought, ran, and sold businesses all over the world, Jeannette now has a portfolio of her own businesses and also advises and mentors other business leaders to drive forward their strategies as well as their own personal development.

Jeannette is a down-to-earth leader, a passionate champion for diversity & inclusion, and a huge advocate of nurturing talent so every person can unleash their full potential and live their dreams.


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Jeannette Linfoot talks to incredible people about their experiences of being Brave, Bold & Brilliant, which have allowed them to unleash their full potential in business, their careers, and life in general. From the boardroom tables of ‘big’ international business to the dining room tables of entrepreneurial start-ups, how to overcome challenges, embrace opportunities and take risks, whilst staying ‘true’ to yourself is the order of the day.

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