03 – Moral Kombat


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Belzagor is baffled when she receives a sin coin she didn’t earn. Meanwhile, Asmoraius takes “the new girl”, Xaphan, on an educational field trip to the mall arcade. Because video games can be educational too!

Written, Directed and Produced by Kristen DiMercurio. Co-written by Talia Rochmann and Mark Wolf Roberts. Production Consulting by Julia Schifini. Executive Produced by Mischa Stanton. Sound designed by Jeffrey Nils Gardner. Recorded by Jared Paul and James Schoen.

Featuring Mark Wolf Roberts as Asmoraius, Isa Braun as Xaphan, Elliot Gindi as Misroch, Susannah Wilson as Belzagor, Jordan Cobb as Raven, Christopher Trindade as Damien, Sheldon Brown as Hornblas, Kristen DiMercurio as Mall Announcements, along with Danny Irwin and James Oliva

Theme music by FM Buller.

Show art by Talia Rochmann.

A Product of The Whisperforge: Sound & Story, Brought to Life

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