Are Georgia's new voting laws addressing the right issues for cousins? 4/14/21 (S2E15)


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"Election Integrity Act of 2021.“ of S.B.202 , "easy to vote and hard to cheat," -- Water in line, reduction on days of voting, more stringent use of absentee voting, etc., but to me the key provision is changing the power of the peoples vote to the state
No Fraud
In the 2020 elections out of 14 Congressional seats 8 were republican and 6 were democrats a change of only one from 2018 with 67.51% and increase of 8.37%
GA it takes 16 Steps to pass a bill in GA over 100 page bill was passed in record time
Supreme Court in March was hearing arguments on a bill in Arizona
So cousins, what does all of this mean? State and Federal. Do you want democracy or not?


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